2 weeks off!

As per this post, you may know from this post, the Employment Law in BC entitles you to a 2-week vacation after 12 months of consecutive employment; and, as such, I am going to take my two weeks off starting tomorrow and until the 22nd of July. I am going to make a nice big post with lots of pictures, and I will try to post updates in between, but for now, consider the next two weeks your 2 weeks off from me.

My parents, brothers and I are renting an RV, and going cruising around BC for the next 1 weeks.

Here is the planned route – it’s starting from Kelowna, because my parents are already there:

10351657_10152332155468264_4290946500273276399_n 10492609_10152332155438264_1903826185949940418_n

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