5 underrated Vancouver Instagram accounts to follow

The title says it all. Without further ado:

1. http://instagram.com/asaddassa/

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My good friend from high school is a really talented photographer, and this is his Instagram account. In addition to incredible pictures (mostly architecture), he is posting the history of said buildings, which is a nice twist and an added bonus.

2. http://instagram.com/teknoelogy

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An Emmy Award Winning Creative Director (and a pun aficionado) Noel Rubin, is a drone enthusiast. Most shots (or maybe all) from his profile are aerial, and they all are amazing. He does seem to like False Creek and Lighthouse Park.

3. http://instagram.com/v.ngyn

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I have not followed her for too long, but what I’ve noticed is that she seems to be a big fan of geometrically compounded images. I really like her style, especially the pictures of staircases. The way she does them is magical.

4. http://instagram.com/atillarch/

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This guy does not post a lot of pictures, but when he does, they have brilliant editing.

5. http://instagram.com/ninjah778/

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Myself. Did you really think this list would be complete without it?

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