Beekeeping in Vancouver

A few weeks back my friend Stan and I had a chat about beekeeping in Vancouver. We thought it is pretty fly to keep a beehive and have an access to your own honey supply.

As a part of their goal to help make Vancouver one of the world’s most sustainable cities, Vancouver City Council encourages beekeeping in urban areas. Urban beekeeping is an excellent way to improve pollination for plants in backyard, community, and public gardens, which leads to better vegetable production.

There was a 393% increase in the amount of registered bee colonies in 2001 to 2011: the number went from 2,822 to 13,902.

However, you can’t just set up a beehive and start making honey; there are certain rules that need to be followed.

1. Make sure your swelling permits beekeeping:

2. Make sure that the amount of your beehives does not exceed the regulation (4 beehives max. over 10,000 sq. ft), and that the beehives are spaced evenly, according to the regulation;

3. Beehives are located in the backyard.

4. Your beehives must be registered with the City.

The full set of rules for backyard hobby beekeeping can be read here.

If you live in an apartment, you are out of luck: beehives can only be set in a single or a double family dwelling. Your other option is to join a local community, and take shifts in helping taking care of somebody else’s bees.

More information about beekeeping in Vancouver can be found here.

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