Bill 4 – Park Amendment Act

Bill 4 is a perfect example of how the moral values are abolished, and monetary ones take their place.

From Vancouver Observer:

"The Bill, quietly introduced in mid-February, has already met significant resistance in B.C. where the Minister of Environment received “thousands of letters” of  opposition according to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Peter Wood. “There has been absolutely zero public consultation, and the pace at which this was pushed through suggests this was never a consideration,” he said in a press release."

To make it clear, I am a firm believer in the need for the technological and sustainable urban development. However, this bill undermines the whole purpose of a National Park.


In an overview piece, Gage wrote “Bill 4 allows for industry (and others) to carry out ‘research’ in provincial parks related to pipelines, transmission lines, roads and other industrial activities that might require park land. It also reduces legal protection for smaller parks.” 

He noted that preliminary ‘research’ carried out by mining company Taseko in preparation for an environmental assessment of the controversial Prosperity Mine included the drilling of 59 test pits, 8 drill holes 50 to 75 metres, and roughly 10 holes roughly 250 metres deep to collect metallurgical samples. The tests also required the creation of 23.5 kilometres of exploratory trails.

Environment Canada’s data indicates that 10% of the land in Canada is protected, which is the same amount of the land that is inhabited by humans.

In October 2010, The parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity set a new target, to set aside at least 17% of terrestrial areas and inland waters and at least 10% of marine areas, by 2020. Canada, as a signatory to the convention, is contributing to this global target.

I understand, that it’s developing the fraction of the other 80% percent for the industrial use. But what is the point of even having the protected areas, if they are not protected after all? Who are they protected against?

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