Buying new (eye)glasses in Vancouver

This is NOT a paid post, I am not receiving any remuneration, bonuses or special treatment from the business; this is merely an appraisal for the business, that I believe deserves it.


Over the weekend I have misplaced my prescription glasses during the camping trip. Without further adieu, I had to get them replaced, because I need them for driving and work.

Living in the country with mostly capitalist economy, I had a few options for the place to buy my glasses from. I had to compare prices, because I did not feel like spending any more that I should have. Really, I was looking for the cheapest eyeglasses with a solid frame.

First, I went to LensCrafters, as they had a retail outlet within 3 blocks from where I work, then to VisionWorks at Capilano Mall, then to First Avenue Optometry Centre. I did not have my prescription on me, so it prevented me from making hasty decisions on the spot.

The quotes I got:

1. LensCrafters – $306 for frame+lenses ($126 frame, IIRC); ~1 week wait.
2. VisionWorks – $199 for frame+lenses with anti-glare coating, or $149 for the lenses without the coating; ~3-5 days wait.
3. 1st Avenue Optometry – $138 for frame+lenses; 

Needless to say, the choice was made on the spot at the 1st Avenue store. Since I had my eye exam taken by them, they still had my vision data on file. Luckily, they had the lenses with my dioptres in store, so the glasses were ready within LESS THAN ONE HOUR. I am wearing them right now, and it’s a perfect fit. I also got a free case!

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