Buying stuff from China

Yesterday I bought 10 pairs of breathable bamboo fiber socks for $4.65, that will be shipped to my doorstep free of charge. Intrigued? Read further. Note: buying stuff online is not for everyone, and if you lack patience and are not willing to accept certain risks, do your shopping at physical stores.

Vancouver living is expensive. According to, the living wage for two working parents with 2 kids in Vancouver is $20.10/hr, with both parents working full-time. I too have been in a situation when I had to decide between buying new socks or something other than ramen noodles for dinner. However, if you have been on my blog for long enough, you know that there are ways of saving money in Vancouver. I have found yet another way, which I am happy to share.

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5 Places to eat for $5 or less in Vancouver (and it’s not McDonalds! Wow!)

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GROUPON INC. Class Action Settlement

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 10.16.17 AMAs you may remember from my previous post, Groupon is a website, where you can buy coupons with a pretty sweet promotional value, like $50 meals for $25, and so on. There has been a class action lawsuit filed against Groupon. Normally, I am pretty sceptical to such settlements, because the main reason behind them is to skim you out of your personal and banking info; however, this one seems to be legit [not available anymore, past the deadline]. 

Groupon has agreed to pay up to $300,000 (CDN) to settle the claims of the Class Members (the “settlement fund”) where it is not possible for them to redeem their expired Daily Deal vouchers, or who only redeemed part of the purchase price of the Daily Deal vouchers (“partial redemption”) and are not able to redeem their Daily Deal vouchers for the difference between the amount redeemed and the purchase price.

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