Fly me to the moon

7159623There cost of the airplane tickets can be really high and come up to a large chunk of the travel expenses. However, there are ways to fly without getting skimmed.



Where to buy cheap airplane tickets?
How to save on airplane tickets?

  • Buy tickets in advance: at least 6 months for international flights, and 3 months for domestic.
  • Check websites that are dedicated to looking up less expensive fares (such as You can put in the destination and browse the cost of the ticket on the exact day, or there is an option to look 3 days before and after the desired day.
  • If you can find an on-line fare but are reluctant to book on-line, take a screenshot and submit a link to Flight Center. They promise to beat any other quote or you fly free.
  • You may have noticed, that the cost of the ticket will vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day you look it up. The best time is 2 pm EST (11 am PST) on Tuesday. Reason is the fact that this is the time when many travel companies release their discounted deals after the expensive ones have been sold.
  • If you have a US visa, or can visit USA without one, consider booking a flight through Seattle Airport (SEA), which has a lot lower airport fees, which results in cheaper fares. I have witnessed cases where people have saved up to $500 per flight that way. Getting to Seattle from Vancouver is relatively easy, it takes approximately 3 hours to drive, or 5 hours by bus. Good way to get cheaper bus fares is through Bolt Bus (same company as Greyhound; fares are $10-25 on average.
  • If you have visited the website previously, make sure to clear the cache and cookies, or the price of the tickets will be higher. 

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