Crabbing in Vancouver

Where to catch crabs in Vancouver? What license is needed?

10306486_241488062714261_2415793469998011615_nFor more information on getting fishing licenses in BC, read this post. TL;DR to lawfully catch crabs, you need to obtain a tidal water license, which is $22.40 for BC Residents, and is good for the entire season. It took me less 5 minutes to register and pay. Once paid, you simple need to print it.

Tidal water license allows to catch fish/crab for non-commercial purposes in non-fresh waters (e.g. oceanic waters only). There are limits to as how many crabs you can take home. To view the regulations, see this page.

To distinguish a male crab from a female, you need to look at the bottom of the shell.

You are supposed to release the younglings and female crabs, so the population is not significantly affected.

Maximum of 2 ring nets, dip nets or traps or a combination of these per fisher. Ensure gear is properly marked. Hand picking is permitted including by diving. No sharp-pointed instruments are permitted for harvesting crab. It is illegal to use snares in catching or attempting to catch crabs. Maximum aggregate daily limits are in place and includes individual limits on those species listed below excluding shore crab.

For the bait we used the cheapest pork with bones. Each time I threw the cage in, we added a new piece to make sure the crabs can smell fresh bait. We have spent a total of around 3 hours at the shore, and, casually checking the cage every 15-30 minutes, we have caught about a dozen crabs, and released the majority of them only keeping 4 biggest males.

I decided not to disclose the location we went to, out of respect to the friend who has shared it with me in confidence.

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