Day 13 – July 21 // Downtown Victoria, Cadboro Gyro Beach, Burchart Garden // Tynehead RV Park

Day 13 – July 21
Downtown Victoria, Cadboro Gyro Beach, Burchart Garden
Tynehead RV Park (5/5)

Sadly, the journey was nearly over. We had one full day left to enjoy Victoria before we went back to Vancouver.

After we woke up, had breakfast, we were on the way to Downtown. Fort Victoria RV park is just a short drive to downtown Victoria, and there are only 2 parking lots that accommodate larger RV’s.

If you want to walk around downtown Victoria, I suggest to start from the Mile 0 Point, and make your way North, towards the Parliament Building via the Fisherman’s Wharf and floating houses, and to Chinatown (the oldest one in Canada, and second oldest in North America).

There was nothing that we saw in Victoria that I haven’t seen before, though I had a ton of fun exploring it once again with my dearest.

I recommend allocating at least 3-4 hours for the sightseeing. Make sure to walk the breakwater at Ogden point, and once you are at the Fisherman’s Wharf try clam chowder and oyster burger at Barb’s Fish&Chips. Make sure to bring enough water, because there are not too many stores during the first part of the route.

At about 4 we headed out to the beach for a quick dip, and at around 5.30 we were at the Burchart Garden.

Can’t say that I loved it – frankly speaking, I don’t think it was worth the money, so unless you have absolutely nothing else to do, I’d skip this location. If you really want to go, allow ~2 hours for the visit. My favourite parts were the Japanese and Italian gardens, and the rose garden (my mom and I have smelled almost all of them, and they all smelled differently!

The Italian garden

The Italian garden

IMG_20140721_194657318_HDR IMG_20140721_195500290


After the garden, we have headed to the ferry terminal. 1.5 hours later we have landed in Tsawwassen, and headed to Tynehead RV Park.

Tynehead RV Park review (5/5):

IMG_20140722_084349087_HDRSince we have arrived after-hours, I had to wake up an attendant, who gave us a spot and sold us a cleaning solution. The park is very large, and almost all the spots are busy. There are dividers between the spots, and all of them have full hookups. The rates were reasonable, and the territory was clean.

When we were hooking the electricity and water up, I got some of the dirty water on my leg, and in panic broke the shower knob. This was by far the most expensive shower I have taken in my life, estimated at $120 for the repair by the RV rental place.

Because of the scheduling, I did not have a chance to see the facilities (washroom and showers), as we have left at about 10 in the morning to return the RV to the rental place.

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