Day 3 – July 11 // Castlegar, Erie Lake, Lost Creek // Fort Steele Campground

Day 3 – July 11
Castlegar, Erie Lake, Lost Creek
Fort Steele Campground (5/5)

I woke up at 8 to Google all the possible alternative routes that would yield less driving time, and a more picturesque route. We decided to skip Nelson and Calgary, and possibly Prince George, to have more time in Banff, Tofino and Victoria (or so we thought).

Reginald at Erie Lake

Reginald at Erie Lake

Reginald at Lost Creek

Reginald at Lost Creek


The tunnel of flags

We left at 1 pm for Castlegar, to eat at the Doukhobor Borscht Hut (it wasn’t bad), and headed to Fort Steele.

Neither Castlegar, nor Grand Forks really impressed me. Both are quite ordinary small towns. We only spent a few moments in each of the two, and didn’t stop at many viewpoints or heritage sites. The only one that was memorable was the Tunnel of Flags (see the link in the description below the picture). First of all, that’s where Reginald was born – my touristic alter-ego (the horse head mask from the lamp in the washroom finally had a more distinct purpose), and second of all, it was an old (1913) tunnel with a bunch of flags drawn over it.

Fort Steele, on the other hand, was probably the most picturesque campground for the duration of the whole trip. Maybe because I was still very fresh in the journey, or maybe because of the full moon that night.

The food at the Doukhobor Borscht Hut

Fort Steele Campground review (5/5):

IMG_20140712_095455798_HDR IMG_20140712_095441572_HDR

Fort Steele Campground really impressed me. Full hookups, surprisingly fast Wi-Fi, and free hot showers. I loved the mountain views all around. The campground is large, there are no trees or dividers or any kind in between, but the spaces are relatively far away from each other. The spots are large enough to fit 50 ft. motorhomes (motormansions).

The showers and washroom were really clean (and free).

When visiting the campground, keep in mind, that unlike the most of the BC, it is located in the Mountain Time Zone, which is an hour ahead of the Pacific Time Zone.

I liked that the management was pretty relaxed, and did not make us leave even though we overstayed at our spot for about 1 hour.

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