Day 6 – July 14 // 3 Valley Gap, Crazy Creek Waterfall & Hot Pools, Shuswap Lake // Viewpoint RV Park, Motel & Campground

Day 6 – July 14
3 Valley Gap, Crazy Creek Waterfall & Hot Pools, Shuswap Lake
Viewpoint RV Park, Motel & Campground (5+/5):

IMG_20140715_100213464 IMG_20140715_100221236Unlike the other days, the weather wasn’t particularly sunny, and it was a nice touch to have some diversity after the non-stop deathball heat. After a morning dip in Shuswap Lake (pictures above) we were on our way. My mom has noticed some old buildings from the window, so we stopped at the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town exhibit.

IMG_20140714_141618326_HDR  IMG_20140714_124829808 IMG_20140714_134924902

The ghost town is built to reflect the Gold Rush era vibe – the owners have spent their lives collecting stuff to showcase in their museum. Most buildings date back to 1800’s, and they got moved to the present site in 1980-2000s. You get to touch most of the stuff, ride a kiddie rail road, walk inside the old train cars and shop inside the antique store. Because of the paid entrance and the constant maintenance you can’t label it as abandoned, but it’s an interesting place to visit, especially if you like heritage sites.


Candy store and some weird-looking chainsaws (?)



The hotel and the front street


The viewable part of the town from the outside

Crazy Water Creek Waterfall and Hot Pools review:

The waterfall is about 3 minutes away from the pools. A gravel road leads you on a small boardwalk then to it’s own suspension bridge. It is smaller than the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge, and you can barely see the mountains because of the rich shrubbery all around.

From the bottom, it is a 5-7 minute walk up to the suspension bridge.

The water in the pools comes from the river, which feeds off the glacier water; it is geothermally heated and runs in 4 different pools: 40c, 39c, 32c and 22c. I don’t really see the logic behind having both 40c and 39c, but, hey – I don’t have my own site with hot pools, so they must know something that I don’t.

IMG_20140714_170034938   IMG_20140714_170602530_HDR

The Viewpoint RV Park review (5/5):

IMG-20140715-WA0003The Viewpoint RV Park was the best campground so far. Sure, it doesn’t have Banff’s views, but the extremely friendly management, meticulous upkeep, floors clean enough to eat from beat all other campgrounds we have stayed for the duration of the trip.

There was a communal fire pit, where you could socialize with the other people staying at the park.

Andy (the manager) has helped us park the motorhome (they only had one spot that could accommodate the vehicle of our size), and helped us to drive it out when we were leaving. You could feel that he genuinely enjoyed his job.

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