Day 7: Discovery Bay to Mui Wo.

Initially I have planned to do some island hopping, and selected the following route: Peng Chau to Discovery Bay, then hike to Mui Wo and take a ferry to Cheung Chau; and I downloaded the ferry schedules, and planned my trip almost by minutes; but forgot to check what by the first ferry leaves from. However, the ferry to Discovery Bay was leaving within a matter of minutes, and I got on it. This ferry was by far the most comfortable and had free Wi-Fi access. After a 30 minute ride I was at the destination. The weather did not look very promising – there were thick clouds, and no signs of approaching sunshine. I caught myself thinking a couple times, that I couldn’t have picked a better day for a hike: it was still nice and warm, and there was no sun, that I was hoping to avoid since I got a little sun-burnt the day before.

Discovery Bay looked like a typical touristy village with fancy hotels and cafés, so I bought a bottle of water, and went on my way.

The road took me through a series of small beaches, a village, a Christian monastery, some very nice viewpoints, and it took a little over 1.5 hours. I was looking for a cafe that had a menu in English, had an amazing $5 meal, and, since it looked like it might start raining soon, I decided to take a return ferry to the city.

 D Bay (3)


Da bay - mui wo

 Mui WO (2)

 Mui Wo (3)

 Mui WO 


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