Day 8: [rain] Hong Kong Science Museum, Hong Kong Museum of History.

The first rainy day caught me a little off-guard. I mean, I did expect it since I checked the forecast, but I was not emotionally ready for it. So after the full week of straight sun, I got a reality check, and spent the first half of the day in my bed because I didn’t feel like going anywhere.

However, it was still my vacation, and I the realization that I should be more productive helped me to leave my room closer to 2 pm.

Both museums are located on the Kowloon side, and they are just beside one another; so if you plan on visiting both, it makes sense to visit them the same day. Keep in mind that the Science Museum is usually open later than the History one.

Hong Kong Science Museum (5/5).

top view 2

I have decided to start with the Science Museum (which is quite similar to our Science World), because it seemed more exciting. At that time, they’ve had a special exhibition, Strange Matter, which costed HKD$2.0 (CAD$0.34) to visit, so I went for it. Strange Matter is an exhibition of synthesized materials and their use in modern applications. In addition to seeing growing silicon crystals and multiple attempts to brake a tempered glass with a cannon ball, I finally got to look at ferro liquid in real life!

Besides the Strange Matter, there are a few physical and digital biology and anatomy exhibits, renewable and non-renewable energy, broadcasting systems, and a number of others that were not that memorable to me.

Lamma winds

top view 2

I have been far too modest with the time estimation, thinking that an hour in each museum would be enough; but the visit to the Science Museum took a lot longer, and I got the the Museum of History at around 5.30; which left me with only 1.5 hours to see it all.

Hong Kong Museum of History (5/5).

The History Museum is located over two floors, and has 4 rooms.

The rooms showed Hong Kong in the historic timeline; where the first room showed the ecosystems of Hong Kong, before and during the first settlers, and the last room had the most recent items.

There isn’t much I can tell you about the museum, besides the fact that it is very informative and worthy a visit if you like history.




Bonus picture of night Hong Kong

A bonus picture of Kowloon at night

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