Celebration of Light

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Each summer Vancouver celebrates the Festival of Lights, sponsored by Honda. Not sure if it was initially sponsored by them, but not that it really matters, because the majority of people (I know i do) only really care about enjoying the glory of fantastic explosions and impressive colors and sounds. Last year I was blown away by the Brazilian and Italian fireworks (Vietnam – not so much).

JULY 27 – UK (Saturday) / JULY 31 – Canada (Wednesday) / AUGUST 3 – Thailand (Saturday)

Unless you live in Downtown, or planning to stay in Downtown for at least a few hours, I suggest to avoid viewing it from there at all costs. I mean, sure, you can see them a little better from there, but it’s going to be a huge hassle to be coming back from; especially, now that they are going to limit non West End vehicles from entering the area. Last year it took us an eternity to catch a bus that was not packed, that is after we took a 45-minute stroll along the seawall.

“Access into the West End will be restricted from 7:30PM, and into Kits Point from 6:00PM on Fireworks nights.  Residents will be allowed into the area at specific access points, but must display a valid resident parking permit or recent proof of address.”

The fireworks start at 10.00 pm. There will be a few test blasts approximately 15 minutes before, to feel the direction and the strength of the upper wind currents. Also, what many do not know, is that the fireworks are synchronized to music, which is broadcast on the radio  – so if you have a portable radio transmitter, make sure to take it with you.

Here is the link to the event website;
FAQ page – check out the recommended viewing sites.

This year I am watching fireworks at the beach with my girlfriend and a couple of plastic cups 🙂

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