Federal Work Experience Program

7200912The summer is approaching (sort of), so it is a good idea for students to start looking for a steady summer employment to keep their pockets and fridge full. Canadian government provides assistance to the students, who are looking to be temporarily employed in their field of study.


What is FSWEP and how to get a Summer job?

Instead of mowing neighbour’s lawn, I would mow it for your my potential employer. You know, for prospective connections, and all. Dipping your toes in the sphere you are looking to work in is beneficial at the very least. I have not done much before I started looking for a job in my profession, and regret that very much. Now, knowing that there is some sort of assistance is somewhat calming.

The criteria are as follows:

  • be a full-time secondary or post-secondary student in a recognized educational institution;


  • be a part-time secondary or post-secondary student recognized by the institution as having a disability;


  • be an adult student participating in education and retraining programs at the secondary level;
  • be returning to full-time studies in the next academic session;
  • be at least the minimum age to work in the province or territory where the job is being offered (14+ for BC);

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Once you are accepted to the program, you may start looking for a job in a special database. You can also see what rate of pay you may be looking at when you apply (in the links below). Make sure you look at the rate of pay offered on the job you apply for, as some employers are looking for volunteers, and offer various perks only.

Good luck to everyone currently looking for a job!

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