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Since fairly recently I’ve got gardening fever, and decided to grow my own vegetables. Being a sucker for the new information as I am, I started Googling (sorry, Microsoft) “gardening in Vancouver”, and stumbled upon some very interesting articles. It appears, in addition to community gardens, you can use the adjacent lawns for personal gardening in the City of Vancouver. Eating locally grown food reduces your ecological footprint, decreases waste from packaging, and eases concerns about food safety.

With one of the mildest climates in Canada, Vancouver is a prime location for gardening.
Climate zone: 7/8
Average first frost date: November 5
Average last frost date: March 28
Approximate number of frost-free days: 225
Average yearly rainfall: 1239.3mm
*Source: Environment Canada

And while I wouldn’t grow strawberry bushes on the public sidewalk in front of my house (for obvious reasons), I think it’s an excellent idea to plant a blossoming eye candy to greet you on your way out to your routine. There is also a number of community gardens in Metro Vancouver, which anybody can join.

Gardening guidelines

Gardening guidelines

Before you start anything, make sure to read Boulevard Gardening Guidelines from the City of Vancouver. There are some minor restrictions, which make absolute sense.




I’ve ordered a small bag of carrot seeds, one more of kale seeds, and a sampler of organic potatoes from West Coast Seeds in Delta, BC. Can’t really recommend them just yet, as I have not received my order, but if you are looking for any particular info on harvesting – their website is pretty informative (that’s how I found them in the first place). I’m planning on getting a bag of soil, and preparing a small trench for my newfound project. I’ll give outdoor growing a shot, and then will try out growing my veggies in a pot indoors, during winter. Luckily, I have a projected increase in living space starting September.

Boulevard gardening guidelines
Map of community gardens in Vancouver

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