Getting an off-campus work permit

6446689Getting an off-campus work permit will legally let you work for 20 hours per week while studies are in session, and up to 40 hours during vacations (some restrictions apply). My first job during university was as a Program Host for Jet Set Sports during 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (highly paid fun with free admission to all official Olympic venues). I had to get an off-campus work permit in order to be legally allowed to work, which took me about a month to acquire.

How To Get An Off-Campus Work Permit In Vancouver?

In order to qualify you need to be studying full-time in a participating educational institution [high schools do not count!] (determine your eligibility and see a full list for BC schools in the links below) and maintain satisfactory academic results (to ensure education is the main goal and priority in your stay in Canada). Another moment – you need to be a full-time student for at least 12 months before you apply. All documents are submitted on-line, and you receive the permit via registered mail (Canada Post). You will need your university transcript (to prove you are capable of combining studies and employment), a valid work permit and an application form. The cost of application is $150, and the permit is normally issued for the duration of your program. Please ask all your questions in the comments, and, if necessary, contact your school international students counsellor – mine was extremely helpful in assisting me with preparing necessary documentation (for Capilano University students – look for contact info below).

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Determine your eligibility and download the application package:

International Students Counselors in Capilano University:

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