Groupon deals, and why Groupon may suck

GrouponFor those who don’t know (probably not too many of you anyway), Groupon is a service that helps the seller or a service provider and a buyer find each other by offering a handsome discount on the good or service by selling a pre-paid coupon. I have used it several times, because, I admit, I like getting good deals – such as paying $20 for a $40 meal.

I purchased my first Groupon in July 2010 for Cambie bar, and ever since then have got about 15 more. However, especially in the past 6 months, I have been mostly disappointed, and here is why.

Groupon is a pledge for poor user experience. Staff knows that the Groupon-carrying patron brings less profit to the establishment, and tent to treat them with disregard. I have come across many similar vents from people, who leave their negative impressions about businesses visited on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites about the staff attitude towards them. At the end of the day a business loses money because they have served a deal-seeker with little to none brand loyalty. I’m sure that losses on some deals may be 50% or more; and then, knowing that the business is flexible on price, the customer does not want to pay the full amount.

Although, from the point of view of a regular customer, I can not complain too much. Here are the examples of the two sweet deals I got from them over the summer:



Bottom line: if you do not mind customer service issues, use Groupon at your own risk for good savings.

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