Hong Kong. Day 2: Thai and Kazakh consulates, Hong Kong Museum Of Art, Kowloon City Park, Laser Show.

Monday, February the 9th 2015.

My father and cousin suggested I try to get the visa stamp at the Thai consulate. I have preloaded maps to Thai and Kazakh consulates (the latter in case they may be able to assist with extending my passport), and headed across the Kowloon Bay to Hong Kong. The ~3 minute ferry trip costs HKD$2 if you take the lower deck, or HKD$2.4 (about CAD$0.40). Boy, are these streets confusing! Half of the walking paths are on ground, half are elevated a few meters above, and there is no apparent structure – everything is kind of built where there was space. Thanks to GPS, I got to both consulates, but only to be turned away empty-handed: because, rules, man.

I took the ferry back, and on the way to my hotel, I decided to pay a visit to the Art Museum. The entrance costed me HKD$10 (about CAD$1.70 at the time). The most I liked the wooden carved sculptures by Tong King-sum, that featured a lot the upper body (but no limbs or head), which, as per his own “is the most beautiful part of the body”; the contemporary art gallery with the video installations; and Chinese Fine Art gallery with had drawings on bamboo paper, some of which were 150+ years old. Unfortunately, as the photography inside the galleries was prohibited (or so I thought), and I did not take any pictures.

The hall inside the Museum Of Art

The hall inside the Museum Of Art

At the Kowloon park

After the Museum, I went to my room to recharge my gadgets, to change my clothes and to loo for a place to eat. Then I headed to the nearby Kowloon Park. This park isn’t really a “must visit”, but it is not a bad destination to kill time and relax from the city busyness. There is an alley of comic stars, which I found hilarious.

After the park I went back to the seawall to check out the daily laser show, which goes from 8 until about 8.15. Besides an already obscene amount of LED displays, there are some strong lasers attached to the top of the buildings, and they elaborately go together with music. And while the show should be watched from both sides, if you have a chance, enjoying it from the Kowloon side is better if you only have 1 day.

After the show I went to grab a bite at McDonald’s because I was too tired to look for a better option, and went back to my room to pass out.

Before dusk

Just before dusk

Laser show (it looks better in person, I promise)

Laser show (it looks better in person, I promise)


At the beginning of Nathan Street, the main street of Kowloon.


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