Link Bank

These sites contain a bunch of useful information, and all of them have been helpful in one way or another.

Renting apartments:
Padmapper: Apartments for rent (map view) – VERY convenient;
PlaceBee – map or list view, unlike Padmapper has its own listings;
AmsRentsLine – lots of listings, mostly for students; – lots of listings, available to view on the map;
Craigslist: Apartments for rent (customizable list);
Kijiji: Apartments for rent (customizable list: Real Estate -> House Rentals);
Health or safety issues by an apartment – a very good tool, by the City of Vancouver

Job Search websites:;;;;;;;

Dining, gifting and touring:
Vancouver Food Truck locator;
Groupon Vancouver – not only food: hotels, gifts, travels;
Grocery Alerts; – helping Canadians save money with coupons and grocery flyer deals – free stuff; unlike craigslist you can request items;

Financial Wiki Page for Canada – do your own finances;
Statutory Holidays in British Columbia;
Locating a street letter box in Vancouver; (not available at for an unknown reason)
List of FREE activities in Vancouver;
Japanese community in Vancouver;