Outdoor Music Festivals in (or near) Vancouver, BC

There are plenty of reasons to visit BC during Summer, and a number of music festivals that take place here (or very close) is another one. Personally, I prefer deep atmospheric and roots electronic music with heavy bass – therefore the list I present below may be a little biased; nevertheless, there are ones that I believe deserve attention.

ALSO: I have listed General Admission prices that are valid for the length of the whole festival. There are cheaper tickets available for the partial duration (daily of weekend tickets). Please note, that while some festivals are family-friendly, most of them only let in guests who are 19+ years old.

1. Shambhala in Salmo, BC (approx. 8 hour drive from the city). General admission tickets are $310, and most of the time are sold out before the day of the festival. It takes place in a private ranch by the Salmo river, and became very well-known over the years. It is attended by about 10,000 people. Music: Electronic (Dubstep/Drum&Bass; Glitch; Electro; Trance, Psy-Trance; Rock). August 7-12

2. Believe Freedom in Whistler Park (1.5 hour drive from Vancouver). Tickets are between $200 and $300, depending on the camp and date purchased. Generally, it plays House/Trance/Dubstep/Drum&Bass. It is a good festival for those who do not want to drive across the province to listen to good music. July 11-15

3. Bass Coast in Squamish (about 1 hour away from the city). Tickets are $220. Capped at 4000, 19+ only. Various bass music – less commercial and more “underground” artists. August 2-5

4. Motion Notion near Golden, BC (about 8 hour drive). Tickets are between $200 and $300. Various Electronic music (Psytrance, Dubstep, Glitch, Techno, House, Electro, Ambient, Dub, Trance, and many more). Is not as well-known as Shambhala, and therefore is less commercial and with better vibes (Imo). July 25-29

5. Center of Gravity in Kelowna (about 3 hours drive). House/Trance/Electro/Dubstep/Drum&Bass. Performers go up in the evening, and during the daytime you can enjoy the weather and play sports. They sell tickets just for day or night part also if you don’t feel like staying for the whole day. August 2-4

6. Folk Music festival in Jericho Beach Park – minutes away from Downtown Vancouver. General admission tickets are $150. I think, the name is fairly self-explanatory: you can expect folk music. July 19-21

7. Roots and Blues in Salmon Arm (about 5 hours away driving). Tickets go for $155. Excellent vibes in an awesome location. Blues, Jazz and other live music. August 16-18

8. Keloha – In Waterfront Park in Kelowna (about 3 hours away). Tickets are ~$160. Not sure how this music is called, but there are hairy dudes wearing jeans and playing guitars. July 5-7

9. Rifflandia in various venues in Victoria, BC. You can buy individual tickets that are priced very differently, or get a full pass for $125-200. It takes place in separate venues in Victoria (the city is not too large, so it’s not to hard to get around). Various artists performing, Electronic and Rock mucis. September 12-15

10. Squamish Festival in Squamish (duuh. – about 1 hour away). $179 tickets. Some Glitch, Funk, Rock and Turntablism. August 8-10

11. Edge of the World festival in Haida Gwaii. Tickets are $40-60. It may be very hard to get to (7-8 hour drive and a 6 hour ferry ride from Vancouver), but everyone who was there says it was an amazing experience. The location is very unique. Festival plays Punk, Folk, RnB, Spirit, Atmospheric. It is Family-friendly! August 9-11

12. Sasquatch Festival in George, Washington, USA (approx. 5 hour drive from Vancouver). Tickets are $337.50. There is no electronic music, just live bands (but really awesome ones). May 24-27

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