Tiny houses in Vancouver

10866742_10204843906075253_1928781705_nI’m sure that you have noticed these adorable little houses built on top or instead of garages in residential single family homes units. These tiny houses are a part of Vancouver’s sustainable living plan, and they are called laneway homes, AKA granny flats, AKA Fonzie suites. I have a friend whose parents have built one for additional rental income, and another group of friends who occupy one.

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Buying stuff from China

Yesterday I bought 10 pairs of breathable bamboo fiber socks for $4.65, that will be shipped to my doorstep free of charge. Intrigued? Read further. Note: buying stuff online is not for everyone, and if you lack patience and are not willing to accept certain risks, do your shopping at physical stores.

Vancouver living is expensive. According to livingwageforfamilies.ca, the living wage for two working parents with 2 kids in Vancouver is $20.10/hr, with both parents working full-time. I too have been in a situation when I had to decide between buying new socks or something other than ramen noodles for dinner. However, if you have been on my blog for long enough, you know that there are ways of saving money in Vancouver. I have found yet another way, which I am happy to share.

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