Renewing Kazakhstan passport in Canada

It finally happened: my passport has expired. I am kind of relieved, because I was 14 at the time when the picture was taken, and the airport clerks always chuckled at it.

That was until I found out how many hoops I had to jump through to get the passport replaced.

As expected, I started by calling the Consulate of Kazakhstan in Canada. The automated message had prompted me to consult the website, without getting an option to speak to anyone. After a brief moment of reminiscence of the polite and helpful service in my home country, I went on with my research.

This is where it took me (caution: the page is in Russian). Read the list, and see what is applicable in your case. I had to get the following:

  1. Application for passport renewal;
  2. Application stating the correct spelling of my name;
  3. Application to be put on the consul’s list;
  4. 4 coloured pictures, in accordance to the guidelines;
  5. Translated and notarized PR copy;
  6. Notarized passport copy;
  7. Consulate fee, which for an unknown reason is $50 USD.
  8. A prepaid return envelope.
  9. Verification of the absence of a pending application for the Canadian citizenship, or the the absence of the citizenship itself.

Number 9 is where it gets fun. In addition to the 5-6 months quoted by the consulate, Citizenship and Immigration Canada add another 10 months to it the wait. Yes, you read it correctly, it will take them up to 10 months to look for the ABSENCE of my citizenship application before they can send an appropriate document to me.

To get the verification, I had to do the following:

  1. Fill in this application.
  2. Pay the fee. I still do not know whether I needed to pay the $75 or the $30 fee, as there is a discrepancy: website says to pay $75, and the prone line says $30. I paid both $75 and $30, and added a note on the receipt asking to refund the one that is not applicable.

The application for the search of the records needs to be sent to:

Case Processing Centre Sydney – Search

PO BOX 10010

Sydney NS B1P 7C1

If the case requires urgent processing, you may ask for a special consideration by attaching the letter of explanation.

A personal suggestion: a good starting point is to get the verification of the absence of a pending application for the Canadian citizenship, or the the absence of the citizenship itself.


  1. Tata - June 25, 2015 @ 12:05 AM

    it is a real haemorrhoids. But I am happy you have started it. I mean documents. Cheer up.!

    • SimpleVancouver - June 25, 2015 @ 8:18 AM

      Thank you! =))) Glad I finally did it.

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