Saving Money on Groceries

If you want to save money on groceries, but do not like coupon clipping, this article is a must-read.Frugal living


“For produce, avoid Save on Foods and Safeway like the plague, that place will rip the hell out of you. Don’t bother with flyer sales/coupons, any persian/chinese produce store will be half the price of the best Safeway sale. Seek those out instead[…]” Luco D

If you don’t mind coupon-clipping,visit this site for coupon deals.

No Frills and Superstore are great for basic staple items like canned tomatoes, pasta, spices, cheese, etc.

T&T is good for some vegetables and fruit. They also have sales on weekends for bulk items, such as toilet tissue and canned pop (I’ve bought 3×24 Coca-Cola boxes for a little less than $10, and 24 double-rolls for about $12). They also sell bags of avocado (5 pieces) for $2, while Superstore has them for $4-5. They also give good discounts on sushi and pre-cooked dinners at the end of the day (I sometimes sneak a roll or two of sushi and spring rolls when I’m not in the cooking mood).

Small stores (farmers’ markets, produce stores) have awesome deals too. I have recently learned about Sunrise Market on 300 Powell St. (Google Maps link inside), which has unbelievably low prices on fruit and veggies (like, 19 cents for a pound of bananas, 50 cents for a pound of apples and so on). I’ve seen this place from the bus many times, but never went in; and was very surprised to find a thread on a local forum ranting about how great their deals are.

Wal-Mart sometimes has good deals on items such as granola bars, yogurt and frozen dinners.

If you have a vehicle, or live close to one of these locations, look into getting a Costco membership. They sell almost everything, but in bulk; so unless you have comically long arms or a roomy vehicle, there only other reason to go to Costco is for $2 hot dog + pop combo.

When you go grocery shopping, make sure to take reusable bags with you. Most stores charge a few cents for plastic bags, so this way you can save money and be environmentally friendly.

Two Canadian websites dedicated towards frugal living: (coupons) (tips)

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