Simple thoughts about life and work

I have recently realised, that, even though SimpleVancouver is a blog, it has little coherence to what I think as an individual; and while I do my best to relate the things I describe to my personal experiences, it lacks this personal touch (not meant to sound creepy).

So, I decided to post my personal thoughts and opinions once a week. They will not be shared on my Facebook or Twitter pages, so do not worry about getting more notifications that you are already getting.

About life and work.


At some point in my life, unless I’m running one or several businesses, I want to work for the government, not Federal, but Provincial; I want to work for a Crown Corporation within BC. I figured, I’ll stay here for at least a decade, so why not make $100,000+ helping people have better (or reasonably better) lives, while sitting in a comfortable chair? I already have plenty of experience sitting in comfortable chairs.

I have been in Canada since 2006, and absolutely felt in love the country ever since. Currently, besides being employed full-time, I write this immigration-oriented blog, volunteer for the City of Vancouver (block captain / clean-up volunteer for Keep Vancouver Spectacular), for TransLink (Compass Card beta-tester). Recently I have started helping A4K (Athletics for Kids), who are focusing on helping kids from low-income families to engage in sporting activities. Previously, I have volunteered for the S.O.S. Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in North Vancouver.