SimpleThoughts vol.3

Since the day I’ve got the e-mail from the CIC I have been a little worried that something may be going wrong. Are they going to receive my passport? Will they stamp the visa in and send it back right away? What if it gets lost on the way back?

Bitcoin, and, subsequently, the price of gigahash is crashing. Pro: it goes through the volatility stage and gains stability and reputation. You know, any publicity is good publicity. More people will hear about it, and, if it sparks their interest, they will invest in the idea one way or another, and will contribute to the network development.

Weather is unstable. One day we are promised an extreme blizzard, with ankle-deep snow and closed schools, the next day the sun is shyly peeking from behind the clouds, unsure of its welcome.

The upsides to the cold weather are:

1. Tap water is colder, which makes it more pleasant to drink.

2. All the dog poop left in the park and vomit left everywhere on Granville is frozen solid so my shoes are not covered in it for a change.

3. Smaller risk of fire hazard.

Today there was black ice on the road, and I turned my motorcycle back home when I glided through the stop line almost in to the traffic. I decided that my life is worth more than a cab fare, and took the taxi to work. We had a lovely chat with the driver, who told me about the nature of his work. Did you know cab drivers sometimes work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day?

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