Skookumchuk Hot Springs (AKA St. Agnes’ Well, AKA T’Sek Hot Springs) visit

A few weeks ago my recently married friends have moved back to BC after a year-something in Edmonton, and came to visit us in Vancouver. Since the summer was still on, and all of us are very enthusiastic about being outdoors, we decided to visit Skookumchik Hot Springs, which I have been actively eyeballing since the beginning of the Summer.

As I have mentioned in my previous post about wild hot springs, there are 4 other hot springs in a close proximity to Harrison Lake. Skookumchuk is the most accessible one, in terms of the road conditions.

Photo by @pasdecouleur via Instagram

Photo by @pasdecouleur via Instagram

Skookumchuk Hot Springs

(AKA St. Agnes’ Well, AKA T’Sek Hot Springs)

2015 visit

(GPS) Coordinates of the springs: (N49.96530 W122.43165)

As much as I like my friend’s brand new Subaru Outback, it is not an off-road vehicle, and it does not have nearly enough ground clearance to take the Harrison “shortcut”, we took the topographically longer route via Pemberton.

As the night before was accompanied by drinking vodka, we left around noon, spent another hour or so getting food and supplies, and were finally on the road by 2 PM. Of course, the traffic on the Sea To Sky was heavy, and it took us over 5 hours just to crawl to Pemberton.

Since it was getting late, and we were getting hungry, the decision was made to stop at Strawberry Point recreational site at Lilloett Lake, which is an amazing site that is only a few minutes up the In-Shuck-Ch FSR from the highway. The fee for the site was $13, that was to be placed in an envelope in a drop-off box by the entrance.

Strawberry Point

Strawberry Point – right side view

Strawberry Point - left side view

Strawberry Point – left side view

I loved the Strawberry Point because of the amazing 180-degree view of the lake, and the sandy beach, which was very comfortable to sleep on.

We cooked steaks, drank most of the beer we got for the weekend; some of us went to sleep, and some (who weren’t burdened by driving the next day) stayed up until 2 am stargazing and discussing the wonders of our existence.

Dinner at Strawberry Point

Strawberry Point striploin

The next morning we woke up, packed our stuff, and continued down the In-Shuck-Ch FSR for about 40-50 km, until we got to the hot springs. The road was graded; and I am sure that most cars would be able to make it through.

Around ~10 minutes before the Hot Springs, there is a pit stop, where you can get a hot beverage, or a snack.

Looking for Clif Bars at the pit stop on the way

Hot beverages and Clif Bars break at the pit stop

Day-use of hot springs:

$7.50 per adult
$5.00 per senior (65+) and youth (<18)
kids up to 10 years are free

Camping (including use of hot springs):

$ 10 per vehicle AND
$ 10 per adult,
$7.50 per senior (65+) and youth (<18)
kids up to 10 years are free

Upon arrival on the site, we have been greeted by the caretaker. We paid at the gate, set up the tents, and went to check out the springs.

There are 6 tubs of various sizes, one of which is covered; but no natural pools.

The water does not have a slight sulphur smell, so I suspect that the water could be drawn from a well with the local source, and then geo-thermally heated and conditioned (but this is just my uneducated guess).

This aside, when it got dark, a group of middle-aged Russians with a ghetto-blaster occupied the three corner tubs, so the rest of the evening was squired by the tacky shitty old music.

Unfortunately, we did not take any good pictures at the springs themselves. All the tubs were occupied with other people (including the buck naked ones) at all times, and I didn’t want to come across as pervy.

P.S.: If you have a chance, check out Sloquet Hot Springs that are about 30 km down the road from Skookumchuk.


My brother and I setting up the tent


At our campground spot


My brother in one of the tubs (with the covered tub on the right; the one on the left is just for the clothes)

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