Smoking in Vancouver

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British Columbia banned smoking in all public spaces and workplaces including, as of March 2008, within 6 metres of doors, open windows and air intakes. Additionally, all commercial displays of tobacco visible to people under the age of 19 was banned in public areas under the same legislation. As of March 2008, ventilated smoking rooms are only permitted in nursing homes and care facilities. The smoking ban does not apply to hotel rooms.

To promote the care and protection of health of people in parks, the Vancouver Park Board Smoking Regulation Bylaw prohibits smoking in Vancouver parks and park areas, including:

  • On park land
  • On seawalls and beaches
  • In buildings in parks, except caretaker residences
  • In customer service areas in parks
  • In vehicles for hire in parks
  • On public transit in parks
  • In shelters in parks where people wait to board vehicles for hire or public transit


City of Vancouver has banned smoking in circumstances such as:

  • A customer service area, which means a partially enclosed or unenclosed area, including a balcony, patio, yard, or sidewalk, that is part of, connected to, or associated with a business or use in a building or premises that includes the service of food or alcoholic drinks to customers or other persons for consumption on site;
  • Any area within 6 metres of the perimeter of a customer service area;
  • Any area within 6 metres, measured on the ground from a point directly below any point of any opening into any building, including any door or window that opens, or any air intake;
  • In a vehicle for hire, or on public transit such as a school or passenger bus, ferry, or rapid transit;
  • All municipal properties, including parks, playgrounds, beaches, sports fields;
  • Within 6 metres from bus stops and public buildings;

Hookah (AKA waterpipes, shisha):

The council has passed the bylaw in October of 2007. An exemption for hookah and cigar lounges was removed 9 months later. Provincial tobacco control legislation stipulates that hookah bars could still operate as long as they don’t use tobacco or tobacco blends.

Apparently, and don’t quote me on that, you can still operate a smoking lounge as long as the employees are not exposed to second-hand smoke. So an idea of a cigar club would be viable, if the smoking room was kept close at all times, and the area inside is not serviceable by any of the employees.

B.C. municipalities that prohibit hookah (shisha) smoking [in commercial areas]:

Port Coquitlam
Salmon Arm
West Vancouver

Source: Canadian Cancer Society

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