Boston Bar trip June 28 – June 29, 2014 (+Alexandra Bridge visit)

top panoramaIMG_20140628_172336497This weekend my friends and I went camping from Vancouver to Boston Bar. To the most of us who have absolutely no idea where it is, Boston Bar is a small settlement along Fraser River on Highway 1, about an hour passed Hope, and not too far from Yale. These towns were first settled during the Gold Rush era, and you still can feel the atmosphere.

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Oregon Trip Report (Apr. 18 – Apr. 20, 2014)

Destination: Nehalem Bay (camping); Short Sand Beach (surfing).

There were 5 of us: four lads and one lady, travelling in two cars. The trip has started at 4.15 am, when I was woken up by a phone call, because I forgot to set the alarm (oh, me). Luckily, all my stuff was already packed from the night before, so it was only a matter of minutes to negotiate on the things taken, then bring them out the door in to the car.

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