TV/Internet Services in Vancouver

7891142There are two main companies that provide TV/Internet services in Vancouver – Shaw Communications and Telus. Their service prices are about the same, especially after promotions. Normally, you are not bound to entering a long-term contract, unless you wish to qualify for an additional discount.
Telus started as a phone company, that used to own all phone lines in the province. They have been around since 1990, and currently hold about 22% of the market share. They claim to provide Internet and TV service through fiber-optic cables, which are the most current technology on the consumer market. According to Telus, the city is divided into zones, where the speed of connection and the amount of HD channels viewable at the same time varies (from 1 to 3 HD channels at the same time). First, I had a student promotion with them, where I had a 25 mbps connection for $22/month. Telus provides free Wi-Fi modem/router rental to all their customers with integrated security features. Their TV broadcast is 100% digital, and in order to watch TV you need a digital box, which is free on the term contract, or is $5 to rent. Normally, the TV+Internet combo with ~30 channels and 15 mbps ADSL is $25/month for the first year including 1 digital box rental.
Luckily, I have a transmitter box (a hub) right outside of my house, and sometimes I get a higher internet speed.

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