Winter/snow tires

                               Motor Vehicle Act
Section 208 (1) For the purpose of this section, "winter tire" is a tire that is:
(a) advertised or represented by its manufacturer or a person in the business of selling tires to be a tire intended principally for winter use, and that provides, or is designed to provide, adequate traction in snow or mud; and
(b) in the condition respecting tread wear and other particulars the regulations prescribe.

(2) The minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act may, by public notice or by placing signs, prohibit vehicles from being driven or operated on a highway that are not equipped with chains, winter tires or sanding devices, or a combination of these the minister considers adequate and necessary in view of prevailing road conditions.
-From official RCMP website,

Are all-season tires considered to be winter tires?

NO. All-season tires are not by law approved winter tires because they are not intended principally for winter use. Winter tires will have a symbol of a mountain peak with a snowflake on the sidewalls.

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