Things to Eat in Vancouver

Around Vancouver in 25 Bites from Gourmet vs Gourmand on Vimeo.

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As you may know, the Eat! festival in Vancouver starts today (May 24, 25 and 26); it takes place in BC Place, and you can buy tickets here (Admission is $14 on-line, and $16 at the gates).

Patrick Stewart, Matthew Broderick and Peter Jackson in 2010 look-alikes took on Vancouver Magazine’s article about Things To Eat in Vancouver and ate them all in 1 day (14 hours, to be more precise). And while I do not personally agree with all the entries, I can only envy these dudes for being able to pull a journey like that. Please take me with you the next time.

(NB1: I bolded places that I think are definitely worth to be visited)
(NB2: The places are listed in the order they were visited in the video)

1. Cadeaux Bakery
2. 49th Parallel Roasters
3. L’Epicrie
4. Chocolate Arts
5. Pete’s Meat
6. Sofra Kitchen – This Pide looks incredible  :pig:
7. Suika Snack Bar
8. Pirate Joe’s – a strange place, judging by the website.
9. Cactus Club on Beach Avenue
10. Gourmet Warehouse
11. Woodland Smokehouse
12. Tacofino – they visited the store, but according to the website it seems there also is a foodtruck, so you can you can use this awesome tool to locate it.
13. Black Rook Bakehouse
14. Marche St. George – not sure how good the food is, but the place itself looks really cool.
15. The Oakwood – even though poutine originated from Canada (Quebec, to be exact), it is very hard to find a place that serves good poutine in Vancouver.
16. Fable Kitchen
17. Nine Dishes – the only place that does not have it’s own website, so I used the Urban Spoon page link. Not quite sure why the place was even listed (the image of location and Google+ reviews are pretty discouraging), but the guides seemed to have enjoyed it.
18. The Cascade
19. The Union

Please comment if you have visited any of these places – I’d love to know what you think of them; and if you have anything else to add – please do!

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