UBC Greenheart Canopy Walkway review

IMG_20140928_141922521This Sunday Maria and I went to UBC to check out the Greenheart Canopy Walkway, as I had a Groupon from a while ago, that was about to expire. I was very surprised that this place gets less traffic than all other Vancouver attractions, because, in my opinion, it is one of the best out there.

IMG_20140928_142427801_HDRIts length is only 310 meters, however, it feels much longer. The walking boards are secured to the tall fir trees with metal cables, and they swing up and down, and to the sides, as you walk on them. Some of the trees, Douglas firs, Grand firs, and Red cedars are 100+ years old. The walkway is only wide enough for one person, so everyone is moving in a single file. This is not much of an issue, as long as everyone is moving at a similar pace.

The walkway is located within UBC Gardens, so you have to pay the $24 admission for the garden+walkway entry, or a little less if you want to visit just the gardens. There are guided tours to join (which do not cost anything extra), or you can walk at your own pace.

IMG_20140928_143515408_HDR IMG_20140928_142952701 IMG_20140928_142729378 IMG_20140928_142405611

IMG_20140928_140500405_HDRWhat surprised me, is that there are no security cameras (usually, there is one on every corner in such attractions, mainly for liability). And, as such, the absence of 1984-esque “Your every move is being filmed” signs, makes the teenagers go a little crazy. I have witnesses 4 guys jumping their hardest at the second to the last portion, and, even though it felt like we were on Paris Hilton’s waterbed, the cables did not snap, which was reassuring.

This is what the garden part looks like

This is what the garden part looks like

The tunnel to the North Garden

The tunnel to the North Garden

The gardens are a nice walk for a sunny day, too (though, I doubt we would have much more of those until the next summer). They have created a ton of micro-floras, showing what the mountains look like in certain areas. The gardens have different fruit trees and vegetable plants.

Overall, it is definitely worth the $12 single admission, and is still a good way to spend a half-day even if you are paying the full price.

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