YVR Deals – cheap(-er) vacations originating from Vancouver

YVR deals

Summer is over (sob), and for people of working class and students it means one thing: it’s time to plan the Christmas vacation.

A few months ago, I have made this post about cheap bus and airplane tickets. Not that long ago I came across this website called YVR deals, which offers return tickets to popular (or not so popular) destinations, which is perfect for a spontaneous vacation; or if you took time off, but haven’t decided where to go.

This website, I’m guessing, is to get rid of the last-minute vacation packages, before they expire (similar to selloffvacations.com).

Make sure to use their Ultimate All-Inclusive Deal Finder at the right side of the page. No, this is not a paid post; I do not get any referral credits, or any other benefits.

Just trying to share good ways to travel. Check out YvrDeals.com.

-Always your friend, Kirill

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