5 Places to eat for $5 or less in Vancouver (and it’s not McDonalds! Wow!)

Picture from the-dime.ca

A day or two ago some mainstream site (I think it was Vancity Buzz, but who cares) made a list of cheap food places in Vancouver, which was meh, so I decided to make my own. I have been to all these places and I can personally vouch for the quality of food.

1. Bon’s off Broadway.

Highlights:  $2.95 All-day breakfast, $1.25 coffee (with free refills). Awesome walls (you’ll know once you see it).

What to watch out for: Very busy on weekend morning and afternoons, especially during the Summer months.

A place full of punks, hipsters and local folks who are looking for a cheap and quality meal. It has a working (!) jukebox, and a great community vibe. The breakfast consists of 2 eggs cooked at your preference, choice of bacon/sausage/ham, hash-browns (not the best to be honest, but whatever) and 2 slices of toast (white/wheat/rye) with jam.

2. Warehouse on Hastings.

Highlights: all food $4.95, and they have Guinness on tap! I really like their poutine and the burgers.

What to watch out for: It gets pretty busy on Hockey nights.

The Warehouse on Hastings is likely owned by the same entity as the one on Granville. I don’t like the Granville one because it’s always too busy, and they have tried to add the stuff to our bill that was not ordered (and the way it was done I’m sure it wasn’t just a mistake).

3. Sushi Ville.

Highlights: Giant maki rolls!

What to watch out for: The space is pretty small, but there isn’t a whole lot of traffic. I have always been able to get a seat there. Though, the place is fairly new, so it may get more and more busy over time.

The maki rolls range from $1.95 to $3.95, and you can get them in giant size for an extra $2. I highly recommend doing that. The rolls are HUMONGOUS! The first time I went there with two of my friends. We have ordered 3 giant rolls and 18-pieces sashimi, and were not able to finish it all. The food was very good, there is just SO much of it. Of course we got the remainders to go in a doggy bag.

4. The Dime.

Highlights: same deal with food, $4.95 for all items. The wings are good, and so are the salads.

What to watch out for: I try not to sit too close to the windows, as they are wide open, and it gets windy sometimes. Also, a lot of smokers pass by, and I don’t like to smell tobacco smoke while I’m eating.

The Dime is a very cozy place, conveniently located on Commercial Drive not too far from 1st Avenue. It’s got a wide selection of different food and drinks, and a pleasant service.

5. Siegel’s Bagels.

Highlights: Montreal smoked meat bagel, and incredible lox with cream cheese. Tons of fresh bagels. Cheap leftover bagels in bulk.

What to watch out for: nothing really. Keep in mind, that it’s open 24/7 – I’ve never been there other than during the light hours, but I can imagine it being a bit more rowdy during on weekends at night.


Let me know what you think of these places, whether you have been there before, or if you visit them with my recommendation. I’m looking forward to hear your opinion!

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