About happiness

I’m really surprised with the weather this year.

Usually, by this time we are ankle-deep in the rain water, have had the electricity shortages at least one time; and the people are mostly depressed or semi-depressed and are not willing to function. And today, look at that, beginning of November, and it is just lovely!

I’m in a very positive state of mind today after reading this awesome article on ways to feel  awesome – I admit, it does sound incredibly cheesy, and it probably is, up until you realise that, as cheesy as it may be, it is entirely true. Feeling good is about accepting things for what they are, and being grateful for what you have; and while do not own the life I want to own, and not every penny in the world belongs to me, I understand that everyone’s life is just as messed up and problematic as mine, and it’s foolish to expect that one day I will have no problems and worries.

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