Adopt a Pet

animal-control-centre-featureSorry, I’ve been a little inactive lately. My girlfriend and I are in the process of adopting the cutest Pinscher / Chihuahua named Lady from Dhana Metta Rescue Society.

To my surprise, it is not as easy as it seems (but, I think, for good).

First, we have emailed them, expressing our interest to adopt a pet. They have sent us an adoption application, and, upon completion, I was contacted by the founder of the society, Yuana, who set up the visit from Lady’s foster mom, Fontaine, to get our home inspected, and for us to meet Lady.

Apparently, the gated area of our front and back yard is not as escape-proof for a pet as I liked to think, so we were asked to close all the possible escape routes. I was mesmerized with how much they care about finding a perfect home for their pets!

I emailed Yuana to show my plans of securing our yard, and we decided that the best way is to put a gate around the front door area, and put some sort of netting around the front entrance. I went to Rona, Can. Tire and then to my favourite to see how much a security net would cost (well, it’s either $100 locally, or $8.60 + shipping from alibaba, but it is a whole other story).

Alike most people in Vancouver, I was only aware of BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which is, no doubt, one of the largest charitable animal welfare organization in North America; but, after a brief web search, I stand corrected.

My research led me to believe, that the best website to search for an adoptable pet is, which collects information from adoption agencies and compiles it into a single list (in a similar way to, which has rental listings).

If you want to get a pet, go and adopt a pet from a charitable non-profit organization. They are just as good as the pets from the store, but do not cost that much to adopt, and the funds go towards maintaining their inventory, pet supplies, shots, etc (read: non-profit).

Typically, the adoption fees are $200-$400.

Keep in mind, that a pet is a commitment for life. They are live creatures, and they have feelings and consciousness. If you deliberately abandon a pet, you are a bad person, and I despise you.

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