Best East Vancouver Viewpoints

One Saturday evening a proposal was made to go and check out our local viewpoints, since most of my friends and I all live in East Van. I tried finding a list with East Van viewpoints, but couldn’t find anything.

The 9 of the ones I came up with do not cost a dime to visit. If you are determined, you can visit them all in one day – in one evening even, as they are located in a short proximity of one to another.

9 best East Vancouver viewpoints.

East Vancouver’s Hidden (and not so much) Viewpoints.

1. Sunrise Park.

Sunrise Park is located near the highest point in East Vancouver, and overlooks Burnaby; and, if you walk around the park, you can find places where you can see Grouse Mountain, and portions of the North Shore. On a clear day, Mount Baker is also visible.

This shitty picture does not do this park any justice. It really is amazing any time of the day, in any weather.

Sunrise Park view Vancouver

2. Rupert Park + [bonus] the bench near Rupert Park.

Rupert Park overlooks the VPD building and some portions of Burnaby. IMO, it is best visited during sunset or at dusk.
Rupert Park bench view VancouverRupert Park view VancouverEast 1st Ave bench Vancouver

The bench is just outside the park, here is the location of it.

3. Along the Fellowes street.

The view is quite similar to the Capitol Hill in Burnaby; but because of the lower elevation, you do not see as much.

There is no particular spot on the street, as it is only a few blocks long; and different areas of the street overlook different areas of the city, just walk the entire street, it would only  take about 15 minutes.

Fellowes St PNE view VancouverFellowes St Downtown view Vancouver Fellowes St Lionsgate Bridge Vancouver Harbour view Fellowes St Second Narrows bridge view Vancouver

4. Under the Second Narrows bridge + [bonus] Not So Secret Treehouse.

This spot is a true gem.

It is easy to get to if you are driving; walking – not so much (unless you live in the area). Getting there on foot from the Sunrise Park would take about 30-45 minutes.

If you are walking, I suggest taking a small detour via the underground skateboard park that is just underneath the intersection of Boundary and Hastings.

Not So Secret Treehouse VancouverNot So Secret Treehouse Second Narrows bridge view VancouverNot So Secret Treehouse Deep Cove view Vancouver

You can get to the viewpoint by walking the Trans-Canada Trail, by either from the intersection of Bridgeway @ N. Skeena, or from N. Boundary @ Fellowes St. The Treehouse is located just a few meters East from the railway bridge next to the Second Narrows.

Check out out both the left and the right side of the bridge for the maximum viewing pleasure.

Not So Secret Treehouse Scond Narrows bridge view right side VancouerSecond Narrows full view left side Vancouver5. New Brighton Park.

New Brighton Park is awesome year-round, because of the pretty clear view of North Vancouver and some Deep Cove.

The Park has a large off-leash area, an outdoor swimming pool that is open during the Summer, and a small beach. Swimming in the ocean is not recommended, presumably because of the nearby port (hence the lower water quality), so if you really want to get into the water go to the pool instead.

If you are walking, the tunnel under the railway at the park entrance closer to the Second Narrows bridge has cool graffiti.

New Bridgton Park industrial view Vancouver New Brighton Park Deep Cove view Vancouver New Brighton Park North Vancouver view New Brighton Park view Vancouver

6. Dusty Greenwell Park + [bonus] unnamed park a block away.

The view is not too different from the New Brighton Park, but the atmosphere is totally different: the latter is much smaller and a lot more relaxed. There are only two benches, and no recreational space. Not too many people go there, which makes it a great place to get away from all, and just sit and read a book in a quiet space.

Dusty Greenwell Park right side view Vancouver Dusty Greenwell Park view VancouverUnnamed small park after Dusty Greenwell Park N Penticton at Wall st viewThe only downside to that park is  that some of the view is obstructed by an ugly dirty-orange barn.

There is another similar park a block away at the intersection of Wall st. @ N. Penticton, which is even smaller and quieter.

The view from the bonus park:

Unnamed park N Kamloops at Wall st benches VancouverUnnamed park N Kamloops at Wall st Vancouver view

7. Meditation Park

There is a sign that says “Meditation Park”, but I don’t think that it is an official name. The park space is shaded with the tall trees. You can see the most of North Vancouver from there, and a portion of Downtown, Stanley Park and North Shore mountains.
Nanaimo St at Wall st view VancouverNanaimo St at Wall st view Vancouver downtownNanaimo St at Wall st seabus Vancouver harbour viewNanaimo at Wall st North Vancouver viewNanaimo st at Wall st Meditation park view North Vancouver

8. Trinity St. @ Wall St.

This park, similar to the previous 2 is smaller, and is located inside a residential block. It has a maintained children’s playground and several benches. It is also usually the busiest.

9. 6th @ Clark (East Van sign).

This is an iconic East Van location. The cross, erected in 2010, existed in the form of graffiti, “said to express the “marginality and defiance” of East Vancouver” [Wiki].

The whole block around this area overlooks North Shore and Downtown. The view from the bridge at Clark and 1st Ave is worth checking out too.

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