Day 9: Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden (5/5, must visit!)

The weather was looking promising, so without much hesitation I took off as soon as I had breakfast, hastily trying to catch a Wi-Fi signal so I could see how to get to my next point of interest, Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery. The nunnery closing time is 4 pm, and the garden is open until 7, so I had to assign them their own day. Besides, it was my last day alone, as my family was arriving the day after; and I have already seen everything that I had planned.

The garden is located pretty much across from the entrance to the Diamond Hill MTR station. At the entrance to the garden is a gallery with very detailed wooden copies of Buddhist temples around the globe (you can’t take pictures of them for some reason). The garden is lovely! You have to visit it, if you are in Hong Kong; and don’t let the somewhat remote location discourage you. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the park is quiet and beautiful.

Nan Lian Garden 7 Nan Lian Garden 5 Nan Lian Garden 1 Nan Lian Garden 3 Nan Lian Garden 4 Nan Lian Garden 2 Nan Lian Garden 6

The nunnery can be accessed from the street entrance, or via a footbridge that connects it to the garden over the road.

You will notice that things in the garden are placed in a very balanced and symmetrical fashion. There is a fountain, many bonsai trees of various sizes, and several small and bigger temple rooms (don’t take pictures, or you risk getting yelled at by the security guard).

Chi Lin nunnery panorama Chi Lin Nunnery 1 Chi Lin Nunnery 2

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