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Today I have come bearing an olive branch. If you live, or have been in Downtown Vancouver long enough you know that parking is somewhat really expensive. I mean, $4-6 per hour seems a little off to me even when you are trying to encourage people to take public transit. But fear not, for I have gained the knowledge that I will share.

Free parking in Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown Free Parking

Aside from getting free parking (1 hour IIRC) at RBC branches if you are a customer, and validated parking at IGA Market Place the only other free parking I can think of is in the West End, which is the best end of Downtown for many reasons, like affordable housing, proximity to the beach, less traffic and stunning views over Stanley Park and the Strait of Georgia.

“There are tiny spots of 2 hour parking on: 1100 – 1600 block on Comox 1100, 1200, 1600 block on Pendrell. 1800/1900 block on Haro & Barclay.
Looks like there’s small pockets up in the 1800 & 2000 blocks on Comox/Pendrell as well.
However, I must concur […] – most of the parking spots in the West End are permit zones. The few non-permit, non-metered spots go like hot cakes.
Although it would be a few bucks for parking, you may have better luck grabbing a spot in the lots in/along Park Lane or near Beach Avenue.” – WanderingPixie, Reddit.

Vancouver Parkopedia – to view all designated parking spots (paid or non-paid);
PARKING METER BY-LAW NO. 2952 (PDF, so careful if you are on a cell phone);

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Also, refer to the map of free parking spots in West End:


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