I’m sure that many of you like free stuff, I know I do. But if you are not stupid (I know you are not, since you read my blog 🙂 ) you understand that nothing is free, and somebody had to pay for it. As some of you know, there is a classified ads website called CraigsList (CL), which has a section dedicated to people giving their old or unused stuff away. There are some copy-cats (click “Continue Reading” for links); and while some of them have decent listings, CL has the most ads.

While many items end up there for being useless crap for what it’s worth, and due to the owner’s reluctance to pay handling fee for the junkyard; there are some things that are worth keeping. I used it mainly for sourcing furniture for our apartments, and sure saved a bunch of cash. Although most people will let you pick the stuff up from their house or nearby, rarely some are so anxious to get it out of their way so much they will deliver, even for free (consider it a major bonus).

If you don’t have a van or a friend with a van, you can hire a mover from CL, usually they charge $30-40 per hour for a man + vehicle. Best strategy I learned is to wait till the end of the month, when people are moving out; and all the things that they could not sell, but did not want to keep end up given away for free.

When it comes to sending good karma, there are many charities you can donate your things to. There are a lot of charities in Vancouver that accept furniture and clothing donations.

Free Stuff (to take):

Free Stuff (to give):

List of Charities in Vancouver
Donating your furniture (in good condition)
Donate without having to leave the house
Giving clothing donations

Just to mention, you can donate your old clothing to a non-profit Thrift Store. I used to volunteer at the North Vancouver Treasure Cottage at 121 Lonsdale Ave., which was frequented by locals to drop off clothes and miscellaneous items they did not want or need.

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