Getting collector plates

If you have another vehicle, collector plates mean notoriously cheap insurance. To be eligible, you must have one commuter, which you pay regular insurance premiums for. E.g., you have a 2012 Honda Civic you pay regular insurance for, and a 1945 Daimler Benz in a pristine condition that you drive on weekends and sunny days only, which you pay cheap insurance for.

However, if you have a commuter, and in addition to it an older motorcycle (and in BC motorcycles are only insured as “for pleasure use” vehicles), you can get the collector plates and only pay a tiny fraction of the regular insurance cost (about $100-$200 per year, yes, PER YEAR). The point I’m trying to make, is that BC only considers motorcycles to be a vehicle for pleasure use, and it’s not possible to register them otherwise.



To qualify, the vehicle must meet the following conditions:

1. Acceptable age

  • at least 25 years old;


  • at least 15 years old and of no more than 1,500 of that make and model (not edition) produced worldwide by the manufacturer for that model year;


  • at least 15 years old, where the manufacturer that owns the “trademark” or “make” of that vehicle has ceased manufacturing vehicles of any kind for at least the last five years;


  • registered as a 1958 or earlier model with a vehicle status of “altered” (has had one or more major components replaced).​

2. Acceptable condition

  • in exceedingly good condition (for example, no dents, scratches, rust, chips in the paint, visible primer, tears in the interior);
  • in a condition that conforms to the original manufacturer’s specifications (no non-approved parts and accessories added); and
  • maintained in the same condition when originally approved for collector plates.​

More information here (ICBC website)

Contact the Specialty Licensing department:
Lower Mainland: 604-661-6890
Elsewhere in B.C., Canada and the U.S.: 1-800-665-8262
Fax: 604-443-4451
Mailing address:
ICBC: Special Licensing department
Room 135-151 West Esplanade 
North Vancouver, B.C. 
V7M 3H9

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