Government Surplus Asset Auctions

A little over a month ago I have posted an article about buying bicycles from the police auctions. This is different: today’s post will focus on getting very good deals on the government surplus goods.

Even though the goods are used, in addition to the sale price, GST/PST or HST will apply.

1. Government of Canada Surplus

$600 Cars, $50 TV’s and all what-not. You can bid on old undercover police vehicles (classic Ford Crown Victoria). You can buy goods from all over Canada (just make sure to toggle Region Settings). Some items can be arranged to be shipped, but most need to be picked up.

The items appear to have been used by the Government of Canada staff (so, technically, no stolen stuff).

<unrelated> There also is a Proactive Disclosure link with reports to wrongdoings in the workplace, which I found quite amusing to read.

2. BC Auctions

“Used surplus government assets with bidding access to anyone who has access to the Internet. Assets sold are from various levels of government.”

Click “Browse for auction items” at the mid-right to see what is available for sale.
$400 Toughbooks, $300 Lenovo X201’s, and mountain bikes starting from $80.

3. BC Asset Investment Recovery (Public Sales Branch)

There are three branches: in Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George. Basically, these are items from the BC Auctions that the Government did not want to store individually, and decided to have a specific place to store them. My guess is that whatever goods took too long to sell, went there. Still, there are items I found interesting, such as some sporting goods and electronics.

I think, it is a good idea for the Government to sell such goods, that otherwise would be dumped, in a form of an auction. Just make sure to bid what you can afford to pay.

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