Renewing a Canadian Visa

2083634When your study or work permit is still valid, but the visa is expired and you need to travel outside of Canada/USA, you need to renew your visa. As of May 29, all temporary residents within Canada must submit their application through an agency in Ottawa (CPP-O) or their country’s visa office.


           How to renew a Canadian visa?

IMPORTANT: Make sure to apply at least within 30 days prior to the expiry of your status!

The document checklist is fairly simple and standart, and everything makes sense: photocopies of your documents (study/work permit, passport, national ID); travel history; letter from university + transcript or a letter from employer; your family information; 2 passport-sized pictures and the passport itself.

My initial application was declined as I did not attach passport-sized photos (not sure why they were required anyway, as the visa does not have a picture attached). It took me 3 weeks to receive my passport with the visa after sending it out (including delivery); application was submitted on Dec. 31st 2012, and passport was received back on Jan. 22 2013. I sent the documents out with a courier (Canada post; $16.52 for 2-3 day delivery with tracking number and signature – that’s if you take a smaller A5 envelope {half-size of a standart printer paper sheet}, otherwise it is $31.54).

The cost is $75 for a single-entry visa, or $150 for a multiple-entry; processing times are the same for both. I got a multiple-entry, and as I was under the pressure of a close departure, I wrote a short note explaining my situation on a post-it, and put it on my passport – not sure if it helpend in speeding the process up.

P.S.: I apologize for the absence of posts for the past two weeks, as I mistakenly set up my website in a way that only lets me update posts from a certain IP address… :O I went to Thailand for a my cousin’s wedding ceremony / family reunion, hence the visa renewal post. I have some pictures on my Instagram page (link on the right side of the page).

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