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2288659Sorry for missing my regular post yesterday – I have recently become a volunteer for the City of Vancouver, and had to do a little work.

The program is called Keep Vancouver Spectacular, and is aimed towards maintaining cleanliness of the city, by voluntary participation of local residents. Being a responsible citizen, I decided to join and become a block captain. To be honest, the trash on our block really bothered me, so I decided to contribute some of my excessive free time, which I sometimes spend rather pointlessly, towards doing something that would help me sleep tighter.

I really liked to ease of registering. All I had to do is fill a form with my name, address and intended clean-up time. Shortly thereafter I received an e-mail confirming the details, and the supplies were dropped off at my house 3 days after. I have requested garbage bags, gloves, long-handled picker and a KVS logo vest. It took me about an hour to finish our block, and I somewhat satisfied with the result, although on the way back I have noticed several new candy wrappers and paper chunks that needed to be picked up. I came home with a semi-full 45-liter bag with mostly sigarette butts and candy wrappers. The most obscure item that I picked up was a dog ball thrower, which somebody decided to just leave on the corner (I guess, the dog suddenly realized the decline in passion for this game).

4544118_origI’m planning to do that on a regular basis once a week to see if I get any noticeable results. So far it became much nicer to walk on my block, and I’m proud for it.

Even after 7 years, Vancouver and its residents keep surprising me. There are 16,400 volunteers on a 603,500 population, which means 1 out of 37 people contributed their own time towards helping to keep the city clean and spectacular as it is!

Keep Vancouver Spectacular – Program page

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