Pet-friendly apartments in Vancouver


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Pets are our family.  If you think otherwise, you should reconsider owning a pet, period.

Unfortunately, BC housing rules make it up to the landlord [in most cases] to allow pets in the living space; so the biggest reason why the owners have to give their pets away is because the new place they are moving into does not allow pets.

The more pets you have, the slimmer the chances are; and with a dog, it’s the toughest. If you have just moved to Vancouver, be prepared to pay more in rent, and possibly spend a month or several crashing on your friend’s couch. I know I sound like a party pooper, but it’s a reality and I wish someone had given me a heads up.

According to my recent web search on PadMapper, less than 15% of all rentals are pet-friendly (a surprising amount of landlords with severe allergies, poor souls).

1-br apartments for >=$1,200 that do not allow pets


1-br apartments for >=$1,800 that do not allow pets

1-br apartments for >=$1,200 that do allow pets

However, I have some good news: online ads don’t cover 10% of pet-friendlies. The places that don’t reek of feline urine don’t advertise because they don’t have to, there’s a lineup to get in.

So, pet owners, I might have some tips for you after all:

1. Be extremely diligent about checking all the major websites. By diligent, I mean every free moment that you have, you should be searching. I would search twice an hour, at the beginning and the half way mark. I would call and email immediately for any place that looked half way decent. I’m not joking, our current place we called 17 minutes after the posting went up. The place we called before was already promised to someone else, 30 minutes after the posting.

2. Walk around the neighbourhood, and search for buildings that do not have “No Pets” signs.

3. Reply to all ads that do not say “no pets”, “NP” or “N/P” (an abbreviation for No Pets). Give them a benefit of the doubt.

4. If you want to go an extra mile, get references from your landlord for the pet; take your pet to a behavioural training, so you have a certificate to show; offer to leave a pet deposit.

5. Worst comes to worst, walk around some of the more run-down neighbourhoods (West End and Marpole come to mind) to look for people walking their dogs. Politely ask if they’re renting in the area because you’re currently looking to rent a place that will accept your dog and not having much luck.

Keep in mind: often times, the “No Pets” thing is just the landlord trying to ensure that their highly in demand unit is kept up to par. If you’re a good tenant, pay your rent on time, place is kept clean, no one complains about you being loud and obnoxious, and you want to get a pet after staying with them for a couple of months, a lot of landlords would rather deal with the liability of a pet than lose a good tenant.

P.S.: Caprent buildings are pet friendly, as well as Gordon Nelson. Most in the West End. If you know any more, make sure to leave a comment below. Let’s help each other out.

P.S.2: There is a Facebook group “Pet Friendly in Lower Mainland“, where people post seeking and renting ads.

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