SimpleThoughts. Vol. 4

aozdWx2_460sI have read a few business books, and they all agree that in order to unite a team of workers, they need to have the same goal. As in, the goal of a successful team of salespeople needs to be more sales; the goal of a successful team of performers is to have a full house, and the goal of a successful team of scientists is to science the heck out of the subject.


aoznozx_460s_v1It’s not a secret for anyone anymore that the pollution from the last 70 years of industrial activities exceeds the amount of pollution produced by us since The Beginning Of Time.

10 Years ago everyone’s depiction of the future was times different from today’s predictions. I think, that the way the world is set now, it will not last much longer without devastating consequences for the human kind on the larger scale.

My ideas of a utopian society.

This is a purely hypothetical situation, in a fictional setting. It is not designed to be sufficient enough to be implemented in a real-life environment. 

General Global Goal.

  • In order for the world to operate consistently and sustainably, it needs to be treated as a business, the goal of which is to achieve world peace, get rid of poverty, explore the land and oceans for the purpose of more sustainable living, and then explore the Space.
  • The competition between the countries is non-existent.

Politics, Religion and Education.

Floatable city concept

Floatable city concept

  • The world religions, and society values are based around kindness and compassion.
  • Local and central governments consist of people with scientific backgrounds, e.g. economists, historians, medical professionals, political scientists, physicists and biologists.
  • Salaries increases and decreases for politicians are decided by citizens.
  • Selfless professions get the highest salaries: teachers, doctors, policemen, firemen; and the pre-requisites include high-level of intelligence and education.
  • Education is free. Students are urged to take part-time jobs, and time off after school to look into what they want to learn.

Social Assistance and Public Services.

  • Mandatory drug tests for people collecting welfare (not to be confused with disability or low-income assistance).
  • Treating drug addiction as an illness, and helping addicted people treat addiction in a health institution, covered by a public health system.
  • Public transportation is accessible by everyone at no cost 24/7.
  • Minimum wage should be sufficient to afford rent for a 1-bedroom apartment, staple food and basic amenities.
  • Non-fixed taxation system, income tax based on level of income.
  • Instead of having a few larger schools and hospitals, establish more smaller ones for a better sense of a community.
  • Central Government and Central Banks are non-existent. Instead, there are consortiums of scientists (including economists) from all regions, the opinion of which is equally important and valuable.

Childbearing and Gender Equality.

  • Contraception is widely available at no cost.
  • Gender equality is an important definition of a higher society, so if a father wants to keep the child, the mother will have to give up the abortion, and have to be made to pay child support; Woman accusing a man of false rape gets the equivalent jail time the man would have gotten.

Food Supply Industry Regulations.

  • Animal farms are prohibited, and all meat comes from free-range animals.
  • No animal testing, unless absolutely necessary (e.g. final-stage testing of pet products).

Law Enforcement and Economy Regulations.

  • Smaller amount of prisons, only used to house violent criminals. All necessary medicine and product testing is partaken on them. Non-violent criminals have to engage in social work to get food.
  • Prisoners are required to register as organ donors upon death.
  • Large-scale theft and fraud are considered violent crimes, as they may be as devastating for a smaller entity as murder.
  • A single entity is prohibited from owning more than 33% of the market share.



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