Solo Moto-Trip to the Retirement Paradise, AKA Sunshine Coast


This Saturday I rode BC 101/portion of the Sunshine Coast Highway both directions, from Langlade to Gibsons to Sechelt, through Davis Bay and Halfmoon Bay to Earls Cove. It was a ton of fun, my first time both cruising longer than a couple of hours, and doing it on my own pace. I was going at about 80 the entire time, just so I could have a chance to enjoy the surroundings and appreciate the views, which were incredible by the way. But I will get to it.

Highlights: So many twisties! A very nice ride for a motorcycle. Excellent scenery and fresh oceanic air.  A lot of opportunities to go off-road.

7.30 AM.

IMG_20140531_092706Woke up, cleaned the soda cans and candy wrappers from the aftermath of a get-together the night before; took Lady for a walk; put my gear on and headed to Horseshoe Bay to catch the 9.25 ferry.

I got there at about 9.15, which gave me the exact amount of time needed to make it in time for the priority boarding for motorcycles. The ferry fare was $42.50 for the return trip. The ferry ride is about 40 minutes, which go by in a blink of an eye.

10.10 AM.

IMG_20140531_104749567Got off at Langdale. Realised that I was nearing hitting the fuel reserve, so I had to get to a gas station within 30 km’s. Langdale is a teeny tiny town, the life of which is built around the ferry terminal. Gibsons is a bigger town, just 5 km west away. I meandered around for a bit until I found the gas station; got a custom-built salad at IGA, and some chocolate bars and a meat snack at the Dollar Store nearby ($4 bars at IGA? Nope, thanks).

The second stop I made was at a Secret Beach (I really liked the name, is all). I chilled on the rocks for a bit with Mr. Seagull, took a few pictures and tried to leave. Unfortunately, the trailhead was not marked well enough for me to notice, so I wandered around for a bit, till I finally decided to route myself through someone else’s backyard (sorry!). Then, as soon as I found the motorcycle, I got back on the highway and continued.

12.17 PM.

IMG_20140531_123721290Stopped at Sechelt to stretch for a bit, and take a few pictures. Sechelt is a perfect place to live after retirement. Everyone crosses at intersections only, drives below the speed limit and chats up the cute cashier.

1.20 PM.

IMG_20140531_104348814_HDREvery other turn along the highway past Sechelt is a logging road – very tempting on an enduro! So I gave up and decided to get a little dirty. Unlike hiking, the way down is a tricky part, rushing down on the gravel with very little grip. I didn’t think it’s very safe to ride difficult trails with no experience and without anyone else to get help, so I decided no to go too far. That’s where I lost my earplugs.

2.11 PM.

IMG_20140531_141157872Got to Earls Cove. Ate the meat snack and the chocolate bar from before, and took a half-hour nap. Woke up around 2.45, got my thoughts together and headed to Egmont, which is only a 10-minute ride East.

3.04 PM.

Checked out the Egmont pier and got on the way back.

4.30 PM. 

Got back to the Langdale ferry terminal.

Rushed to sip some water from the camelbak and lost the end tip. The water started dripping out and I had to finish what was left. Met a nice couple on a Harley on the way back, and was promised a business opportunity by the hubby.

Next time I  would go the other way, East rather than West, to Port Mellon and beyond, on the logging roads towards Squamish. I doubt I will get to Squamish, but it certainly would be a ton of fun. Not alone though.


$42.50 ferry fare
$18.78 gas
$4.35 salad at IGA
$4.20 snacks

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