Website update

Dear readers,

With the recent security measures upgrade, I have learned that my website has been under a brute force attack, which means an unauthorized user was trying to get access to my Administrator rights using a password-guessing program. This turned out to be a very common problem for blogs built with WordPress. I have installed several recommended security plugins to prevent certain IP addresses from sending malicious requests to attack my website, and changed a few other things.

Further, I have learned that I have spam subscribers, that significantly slow down my website by sending constant requests to the server, thus immensely slowing down the page loading time for the legitimate users. While the website still works, to increase the responsiveness and to for the better user experience, I have decided to delete all current users, and change the login procedure.

You can still subscribe to the new posts through the form on the right-hand side. In order to comment, please use a Disqus account. If you have already subscribed, please re-subscribe.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I really appreciate the understanding and cooperation in this matter.